Weird Desire

I actually want to die.

This doesn’t mean that I will kill myself or something like that. I do believe in God and everything so I just pray and ask God to please make me die. I don’t enjoy life.


Don’t trust males.

Fuck this feeling, I feel so bad, but I don’t have to let it show.

My dad is like “Sexting” another woman, and I’m glad that it’s not my mom because for me that’s gross and disrespectful. I’m thinking about telling my mom, but she already knew there was something between that woman and my dad. MIERDA! SHIT! I don’t know how I should act.

Should I act like nothing is happening? Like everythings fine? I could act like that, but I’m still broken inside. I’m so dissapointed, it’s not the first time. I have always wanted for them to get a divorce but they are still together.

I don’t like my dad.

Stupid guys.

I’m not over you

I thought I was over you, I was almost sure I was. But IM NOT.

I was so glad high school was over because that meant I didnt have to see you again, but school’s over but you keep entering my world. You “surprised” me on Friday, why?

I’m so mad that I cant stop thinking about him, I didnt think about him for a while and then he came and I fell for him again. We cuddle, I couldn’t resist his smell or the way he talked to me. I just couldn’t.

You told me you were going to come over on Tuesday, I know that I want to see you again, and that’s why I hate myself. I’m still not over you.