First heartbreak

So this is my story about my first heartbreak, so I went to a trip to Los Angeles with my guy best friend the one that I like. So our relationship was flirting, and act like a couple, of course I was going to eventually fall in love with him and that was what happened. 

So to begin, at first I didn’t even talk to him and sat next to a friend, that likes him too and he liked her too. So it was super fun and in the Panama airport I started to speak with him and we were laughing and everything, so we sat together in the other plane with my girl friend and that was it. When we arrived to the hotel, I went to my room and then he knocked on my door and told me to go to Burger King with him, we ended up going with everyone and we sat together and everything, when we finished eating we went outside with another friend and I met his family from LA, then he went out with his family and I was with my friends. 

I went to sleep and the next day we went to Disneys California Adventure, and we spent all the day together, everyone thought we were together, I hate rides and all of that stuff but still I rode them with him. In the night one friend told me that the night before he slept with the girl he used to liked and it all started. I started to cry and throw up, the next day I didn’t want to see him nor speak to him, but eventually I did, and we spent all day together. My friends started to hate him and his attitude, still I was so stupid and was so blind to see that our relationship was just friendship, I cried every single night , and couldn’t even eat. 

So I spoke to him on the plane of return and told him that he was confusing me and he told me that he liked another girl and that I was his best friend, I’m so heartbroken that I couldn’t even look at him in his eyes and I don’t know how I’m going to face him on Monday.