Birthday Cake/Gifts/more

Yesterday was my b-day.

I went to ride on bikes with my friends and my crush/best friend. It was all fun and I really enjoyed it, I think it was the best bday so far. Even if most of my family didn’t remember… The only one I’m forgiving is my grandma because she has Alzheimer, but for everyone else. .l. I don’t want to see you at all, and if I have to them I will act all indifferent with you all.

They gave me two books, and food. I love all the people that came by yesterday. It was really nice, I love you all.

The cake problem was that I really like chocolate so I asked for a chocolate cake but then I remembered that my cousin didn’t like chocolate (Yes, I know how is that even possible? Well.. I don’t now either) So, then I told them that I didn’t care about the cake, and they bought A FREAKING PEACH CAKE. I hate peach with all of my life… and my cousin didn’t eat it. So I made a mistake by being kind. I hate myself.

Btw, now that I will write more, because I have to let all my feelings out.



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