Happy Father’s Day 

Today is Father’s Day and I want you all to celebrate it with your parents. 

If you don’t have a dad then celebrate with your grandfather, uncle or anyone that represents a father to you and if you don’t have a representation of a father then celebrate with your mother. 

Lucky me, I still have my parents with me but even like that I celebrate with my grandpa and my uncles. We are not like very close to each other but still we get together in those days. 

My dad is annoying but every time that I think of him gone, I cry. He can be annoying and all but I love him. 

Tell your father that you love him with a huge hug and few kisses. 

Happy day to you all. 



I’m currently watching Lost in Netflix and it’s super cool. Actually my crush told me to watch it. 

I’m in season 1 but still I cannot stop watching it. 

I’m in love with Jack. 

I needed to say that. 

Happy Father’s Day. <tomorrow 

Crush/Best friend

All freshmen year and last year I was really into this guy… My best friend. He told me that he liked this sweet girl and I told him that it was so sweet, last year he and her started to chat and all of that stuff, but it didn’t go any further…. And I did ship them

Then he started to chat to another girl, I don’t like her at all, however he was happy and he asked me if it was okay to ask her to be his girlfriend and told him to go for it. I cried all night long because I didn’t want him with her, I told him how to ask her and everything. She said yes. I think I cried every night and my friends told me to forget about him and if it’s possible to stay away from him cause even if he didn’t know about what I felt, he was still hurting me. However it was impossible for me to stay away from him, I tried to get mad at him so many times but I just couldn’t.

On vacations he texted me and told me that he was still my friend and that he missed me, and we fought over my Netflix because he gave his girlfriend my password.

When we had to enter school again, we were fine. And all of this year we were fine. Then he was crying one day and told me that he broke up with his gf and I am ashamed to say that I was happy… But they got back together and everything fade.

I told him that he was stupid and that his gf was going to cheat on him and all of that stuff, I even told him that his gf was a slut and we had a little fight.

On Friday, in my 17th birthday we spent together most of the time, and we were flirting, indirectly but still we were. Our relationship have always been flirty even my friend told me so because she was with us and she felt awkward. We never used to text that much because we said that even though we are best friends it is not necessarily to text and ask each other about their day. But yesterday we texted all day, we flirted and I feel so confused. I will never support anyone cheating on someone else, but still with him is different he makes me feel so happy.

I hadn’t cried in so long because of him but now I’m confused and all I want to do is cry. My friend from Miami, well she is not from Miami, but she lives there now hasn’t answered me and she is the only one that really knows how I feel, she is kind of my best friend but with my real best friend I cannot talk to her about that because she feels uncomfortable.

What should I do?

Birthday Cake/Gifts/more

Yesterday was my b-day.

I went to ride on bikes with my friends and my crush/best friend. It was all fun and I really enjoyed it, I think it was the best bday so far. Even if most of my family didn’t remember… The only one I’m forgiving is my grandma because she has Alzheimer, but for everyone else. .l. I don’t want to see you at all, and if I have to them I will act all indifferent with you all.

They gave me two books, and food. I love all the people that came by yesterday. It was really nice, I love you all.

The cake problem was that I really like chocolate so I asked for a chocolate cake but then I remembered that my cousin didn’t like chocolate (Yes, I know how is that even possible? Well.. I don’t now either) So, then I told them that I didn’t care about the cake, and they bought A FREAKING PEACH CAKE. I hate peach with all of my life… and my cousin didn’t eat it. So I made a mistake by being kind. I hate myself.

Btw, now that I will write more, because I have to let all my feelings out.