Awkward Encounters Coming SOON


I wanted to tell you guys an embarrassing story of my life…

It happened when I was in the 5th grade and I was in Rebecca’s house playing with her and her cousins. His older cousin left and we started playing another game. I will call her cousin Andres… well there we were, Rebecca, Andres and myself playing when suddenly Rebecca’s nana asked Andres if he liked me… He nodded and blushed… I was awkwardly standing there wanting to leave so badly. He was looking down… He was I don’t know 6 while I was 9. Since then all his family and Rebecca’s family had bothered me with him… or him with me. Well I don’t know but still it makes me feels awkward.

We had seen each other and it is still awkward still we are friends. We hang out and all but never alone, because everybody still bothers us with each other. He doesn’t live in the same city as me but when he comes to visit, we almost always see each other. I have never visited his city because it would be awkward.

So, Rebecca invited me to his city and I want to go… I will go. But we will be staying at his place… currently he is 13 and I’m sixteen, and I know they will bother me and I will feel out of place but I don’t know… I want to meet his city.

Funny Fact I was going to celebrate his birthday in another place with Rebecca but I refused to go because I didn’t want to go… And his grandmother found him smoking with his friends the day of his birthday… HE IS FREAKING THIRTEEN. So I’m happy I didn’t go.

I have never done it and never will I.



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