I’m a freaking guard right now.

On Tuesday around 3:30AM someone tried to open the car and the alarm went on so my dad shouted “YOU ASSHOLE” it was a man and he left in a taxi(? Whatever. We have security cameras here and my dad couldn’t sleep because he was worried about the car. Of course we went to the police and showed them the video. But it’s still something to be worried about. Well my dad didn’t sleep yesterday and kept looking at the cameras. 

So I felt bad and now I told him “Go to sleep, if I see anything I will tell you” but I’m so tired. Still I want him to sleep cause it’s not healthy for him to no sleep. Maybe you guys, can make me feel better. 

Fuck you. Things everywhere. I think I will watch something on Netflix or keep reading however I don’t know if I’m going to make it. 

I am watching the cameras and all but I get bored. I’m in my parents’ room, they’re sleeping and I’m just waiting. 



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