Economic Crisis

So, actually my family and myself have been going through a lot. There is a huge change in my life. We are facing some problems with money. I told my parents that I could like sell my laptop but they refused.  The problem started about 4 years ago, my uncle had a lot of debts and my dad being nice and all that crap sign for him saying that he will take care of his debts. Their relationship is not great, I don’t even know if they are in speaking terms right now… However, his debts are making us face big problems. My dad wants to sell the house but my mom refuses because then we won’t have a place to live. My dad said that maybe a smaller house but still I don’t want to and my mom doesn’t want to.  I’m starting to think about selling my books and giving up on my belly dance classes even if I love them a lot. My school is expensive but it’s my senior year and I told them that I will get a scholarship to get into an university. I don’t want to study the things that that university provides, however I’m making an effort. I don’t ask for books anymore, I ask for little things. I asked my aunt for books cause I know she eventually buy them for me, but now I don’t know if I should ask for them because eventually I’m considering selling them. I HATE THE PRESIDENT.

My crappy life. 

I’m currently sweating because it’s so hot but I’m not even considering turning on the A/C, I know that my parents are focusing more in our comfort than the crisis. They want the best for us like all the parents want. But I always tell my mom that I don’t want to go to prom if it’s too expensive but still she wants me to go.  My dad is always preoccupied and that kind of bothers me because there is nothing I can do. I even told them that we should like sell my bed and all the stuff that I don’t use but they still refused.  My mom just keeps telling me to pray and to have faith, even if I did it… I don’t think it will work… I don’t think that God will help us because I started praying, because I never did it… So maybe he will think that it’s because of necessity and not about love. I do believe don’t misunderstand me… but I don’t think that I should share my thoughts about God to be a good believer or to read all the bible. I just believe, it’s easy as it sounds. 

Maybe we will keep moving forward but it will be a difficult path. 



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