My reading story.

I think I’m very exciting for this because I’ve never thought of becoming one.

All started when I was in 4rd grade and they made us read a book in my Spanish class called “Sangre de Campeon”… I’m an Hispanic girl of 16 years old so it was easy. But I inmediatly fell in love with the book, I even bought it and bought a lot of books from that author my mom loved that I was reading cause I was a very shy girl and she hoped that reading would help me to get out of my shell… It didn’t.

My ‘friends’ called me a ‘nerd’ because I got good grades and still read books, it actually did affect me. Because for me it was difficult to make friends so I got this ‘Best friend’ that always treated me like shit. I will call her in this blog Rebecca. OK, so I met Rebecca in the 1st grade and I don’t know why but she was this cool girl that I wanted to be around. I even copied her in her toys and all of that crap. She called me a ‘nerd’ and I think that affected me more than anything because I was kind of trying to please her, so I stopped reading but my grades were very important for me so I kept doing homework and studying. In 5th grade there was another girl in our group, she called me a ‘nerd’ too. So I thought.  This is enough, cool people don’t get good grades.  That was the worst thing that I could have done.

I never thought that they were being mean because they were my friends, but they did make me felt like shit. I even cried alone in my home because I felt that I wasn’t good enough. I kept fighting to become Rebecca’s best friend, when I was in 7th grade I started to get out of my shell. I even got a ‘boyfriend’,we were in an on and off relationship but still I cared for him. I was always the one that broke up the relationship. Like bitch I was just 11 years old. We just told each other Girlfriend and Boyfriend, we never kissed or something. I still got a crush on him until 9th grade. In 10th grade I started to read again with Twilight. I hated it. Not because it was a bad book, but because I couldn’t focus on it and loved it. It was a great book. I just couldn’t deal with it because I was so focused on getting good grades again and it was difficult because I wasn’t used to study anymore. I hadn’t got a boyfriend since the first one. I haven’t kiss anyone. So I’m a senior now and nobody seems to care.

Last year someone recommend me the Hush Hush Saga and I read the four books in 2 days. I was so into it. I don’t think that it was because it was a good book, I think it was because I missed reading so damn much. Rebecca now started to read and she had read more books than I have but I still read. I have read so many books by now. I’m now reading City of Glass. But reading is just one thing that helps me relax and makes me think about a lot of stuff.

I’m in vacations in this moment and I’ve read 2 books per week. It is awesome I’m still getting used to reading. My dad now tell me that I’m weird for reading that much. But its fun and I don’t mind. I have became someone that is comfortable with herself. I think that growing up being bullied and never noticed it was something awful in my life but still it helped me getting trough so much. I am still friends with Rebecca and the others that called me ‘Nerd’. Rebecca is actually my best friend, but that is other story. She apologized for being a bitch to me and all of that.

Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.

I have an advice, like I’m still introvert but there is nothing wrong with it. My mom is proud of myself and even if she doesn’t tell I know that she wants me to be more extrovert but she doesn’t push me.

Last, I want to recommend THRONE OF GLASS to everyone. It’s so great. Just go and read it and if you have read it already… read it again. It’s so good.



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